Friday, July 27, 2007

Evidence-based Library and Information Practice

The full set of papers from the recent Evidence-based Library and Information Practice conference is available on the EBLIP4 website. Please visit to download excellent works by Suzanne Grefsheim, Denise Koufogiannakis, and many others - and keep checking back, because we're working to make podcasts of keynote speakers (including Andrew Booth, Jonathan Eldredge, and more available through the conference site.

Also for the papers on EBLIP 3 in 2005 see

Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Internet tutorials for health and life sciences

Intute has just released three new FREE Internet tutorials for the Health and Life Sciences in the Virtual Training Suite.

The tutorials teach Internet research skills for university students and are ideal for use in undergraduate courses.

1) Internet for Dentistry and Oral Health

By Claire McCarthy, Lecturer in Dental Hygiene & Research Hygienist, The Dental Institute, Kings College London and Laurian Williamson, Intute: Health and Life Sciences, University of Nottingham

2) Internet Pharmacist

By Robert Abbott, an information scientist based at Intute: Health and Life Sciences, University of Nottingham, building on the original tutorial by Fawz Farhan, Editorial Director, Mediapharm, consultant to HEA Health Sciences and Practice, and visiting lecturer in pharmacy practice at King's College London

3) Internet for Allied Health

By David Brunt, Intute Service Officer for Nursing, Midwifery & Allied Health, University of Nottingham and Nicola Smart, former Service Officer, Intute Health and Life Sciences, University of Nottingham UK.

The tutorials offer advice on using the Internet for research for university work, offering a guide to some of the key academic websites for the subject, advice on Internet searching and on critical evaluation of information found on the Internet. "Success Stories" in each tutorial illustrate how the Internet can be used effectively to support education and research.

All the tutorials are free to access on the Web as part of the JISC-funded Intute service: