Friday, January 18, 2008

Hi to all on the new course

Hi just to say it was nice to meet you all on wednesday.

Here is the address of my blog at lancashirecare

If you are interested in keeping up to date with mental health information this is a good port of call.

thanks sue

Component 1 examples and article on FILE

Hi all,

thanks Andy and Louise for posting the references discussed in session 1

as promised here is the paper Are you FIT for FILE?

and the examples of Component 1 of the portfolio.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Books mentioned at session on Wednesday 16 Jan 2008

Hi Folks

As you may recall, I mentioned a couple of books at the session yesterday.

The titles are:

1) Ambient Findability
2) Libraries and Google (You can look inside this one!!)

Will post once I come across anything else.

Andy ;-)

Google Scholar article as promised

As we discussed yesterday, here is the reference for an interesting article about the usefulness of Google Scholar.

Wilson, V. (2007) Evidence summary: a content analysis of Google Scholar: coverage varies by discipline and by database. Evidence based library and information practice 2(1), 134-136

I've scribbled a few notes on my copy on particular points I found relevant:

  • Variation by subject re inclusion as compared to standard databases in the field – medicine does quite well (76%) though some subjects are as low as 10% (humanities in particular)
  • Bias toward English-language publications
  • Approximate 15-week (four-month) delay in uploading new articles (compared to PubMed and BioMed)

See you all soon, Louisa