Friday, December 11, 2009

The new issue of JIL (vol3, no2, 2009) is out

We are pleased to announce that the Winter issue 2009 of the Journal of Information Literacy has been published. Please see the Table of Contents below, the articles  are available in full text at:

Editorial team

Table of Contents
Susie Andretta   The multifaceted nature of information literacy: solving the Rubik cube puzzle. (1-5)

K. Stuart Ferguson Information literacy and its relationship to knowledge management: A theoretical study (6-24)
Andrew Whitworth  Teaching information literacy within a relational frame: the Media and Information Literacy course at Manchester (25-38)

Articles from LILAC:
Audrey Marshall, Flis Henwood, Leslie Carlin, Elizabeth S. Guy, Tanja Sinozic, Helen Smith   Information to fight the flab: findings from the Net.Weight Study (39-52)
Christopher Guy Walker Seeking Information: A study of the use and understanding of information by parents of young children (53-63)
Jenny Foreman,  Lesley Thomson Government Information Literacy in the "century of information" (Brown 2007) (64-72)
Nora Hegarty,  Alan Carbery,  Tina Hurley Learning by Doing - Reactivating the Learning Support Programme at WIT Libraries (73-90)

Conference corner:
Peter Godwin  Information Literacy gets mobile in Vancouver (91-95)

Book reviews:
Nick Frost  Book review of Andrew Whitworth. 2009. Information Obesity. Oxford: Chandos Publishing. (96-97)