Saturday, December 19, 2009

[EBLIP] New Issue Published

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice has just published its
latest issue at We
invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site
to review articles and items of interest.

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
Vol 4, No 4 (2009)
Table of Contents

Learning Opportunities (1-2) Denise Koufogiannakis

Editorial Responsibilities (3)

Acknowledgement of Editorial Advisors (4-5)

It’s All Fun and Games until Someone Learns Something: Assessing the
Learning Outcomes of Two Educational Games (6-23) Jennifer McCabe, Steven Wise

Testing an Academic Library Website for Usability with Faculty and Graduate
Students (24-36) Judith Z. Emde, Sara E. Morris, Monica Claassen-Wilson

The Perception and Practice of Evidence Based Library and Information
Practice Among Iranian Medical Librarians (37-57) Vahideh Zarea Gavgani

Evidence Summaries
Canadian Public Library Users are Unaware of Their Information Literacy
Deficiencies as Related to Internet Use and Public Libraries are Challenged
to Address These Needs (58-62) Martha Ingrid Preddie

Undergraduate Students with Strong Tendencies Towards Critical Thinking
Experience Less Library Anxiety (63-66) Cari Merkley

Web Usability Policies/Standards/Guidelines (PSGs) do not Influence
Practices at ARL Academic Libraries (67-70) Shandra Protzko

Library and Informatics Training May Improve Question Formulation among
Public Health Practitioners (71-73) Heather Ganshorn

More Research Needed on Librarian Teaching Anxiety (74-77) Stephanie J. Schulte

Rejuvenation and Networking Motivates Librarians to Attend Conferences(78-80) Yvonne Hultman Ozek

A List of Best Practices That May Improve the Use of Telephone Interviews During the Recruitment Process (81-83) David Herron, Lotta Haglund

Using Evidence in Practice
Services in a Changing Academic Library: Patron Feedback and Library
Response (84-87) Bruce Stoffel

Reorganizing a Technical Services Division Using Collaborative Evidence
Based Information Practice at Auraria Library (88-94) Denise Pan, Zaana Howard

EBL 101
Conducting Your Own Research: Something to Consider (95-98) Virginia Wilson

Call for Papers: Becoming Evidence Based: A Research in Practice Mini-Conference (99)

Salford, UK to Host 6th International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference in 2011 (100-101)

CLA/ACB Library Research and Development Grants (102)

Call for Juried Proposals: Integrating Practice and Research Library Research Seminar V (103-104)

ISIC 2010 Call for Papers (105-106)

Two Upcoming Seminars from the Library & Information Research Group (107-108)

Canadian Cochrane Network and Centre 8th Annual Symposium (109)

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